The Paleo Lifestyle

One of the best ways of eating out there today is Paleo and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular.  Paleo is all about embracing real food (rather than processed) and avoiding inflammatory foods.  Paleo diets have become extremely popular and very respected throughout medical circles, healthcare circles, fitness circles, and even just everyday people who want to lead a slightly healthier lifestyle.  

At OceanBox, we personally love the Paleo way simply because our fish and seafood fits into this so well.  How much more “real” can you get when it comes to fresh fish and seafood, right?!  However, paleo is so much more than just eating fresh fish…

What is Paleo?

The Paleo diet is focused on the hunter/gatherer concept of our ancestors from way back in the Paleolithic times.  Paleo is focused on whole foods that have minimal processing.  This means fresh veggies, protein, fruit, and even nuts.  The diet is high in fat, with moderate animal protein and low carbohydrates.  Calorie counting is not a big deal here, nor is portion control.  Instead, you are focused on feeding your body a ton of good stuff instead!  More strict paleo diets will have little to no fruit or nuts, as these have sugars and can spur on some digestive issues.  However, if the food is the way nature intended it, there’s a good chance it aligns with the paleo way.

What do you avoid?

Whenever you do a specific way of eating, it’s usually not a great thing to focus on what you can’t have.  The truth is that even without these items, you can still enjoy a delicious lifestyle.  However, paleo is known for avoiding a few main types of food including dairy, added sugars, cereal grains and legumes, and certain oils (vegetable, hydrogenated, and partly-hydrogenated).  

Paleo is obviously extremely popular in recent years, but the foundational concepts make a lot of sense.  Who can argue with whole foods that are full of vitamins?  We can’t!  However here are a few reasons why paleo is so great to incorporate into your lifestyle:

  • Holistic View of Health:  Paleo is all about fueling your body with the essential foods that have fed humans for centuries.
  • Helps The Planet:  Paleo focuses on a nose-to-tail eating philosophy, which includes an emphasis on bone broth and even eating the liver.  More of the animals are being used for food instead of wasted.
  • Connects You With The Earth:  Paleo often focuses on free-range, organic sources of foods (like OceanBox), which help connect humans where our food comes from and how it is raised or grown.
  • It’s Healing:  Because Paleo eliminates many inflammatory foods, it is often a great diet to help heal and empower your body (especially if you have any known digestive issues).
  • Vitamin Rich:  We’ve been told for years that protein, veggies, and fruits are full of vitamins, but many of the ways we’re used to getting these sources have depleted the food of its core nutrients.  Eating food in its most simple form with minimal processing means that the food has more nutrients and more fiber.  

The Paleo lifestyle is certainly one that comes with a few adjustments, but as a whole, they’re more than worth it.  Paleo eating is one of the healthiest and balanced ways of fueling your body for success and longterm health.  And, hey, if you’re looking to get started, what would make it easier than having fresh protein shipped right to your door from our team?  

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