What’s the Difference Between Farm-Raised & Wild-Caught Fish?

160605_OceanBox_creative_2_316When you’re shopping for fish it can feel a little confusing because there are SO MANY choices!  There are a not only multiple options for seafood and fish, but then there may be multiple combinations of ways that meat was sourced.  Some fish is farm-raised, and some of it is wild. So, what IS the difference?

Farm-Raised Fish

Farm-raised fish are raised in a closed recirculating system where the conditions are more controlled.  This means that there is less impact on local wildlife or the environment because we can control what’s going on and take advantage of renewable energy sources and waste water measures.  The other nice side of this is that fish are all fed a natural diet that is free from antibiotics and steroids.  So, farm-raised fish actually have better-regulated standards that wild-caught fish, where you may have guessed:  we don’t have control over the conditions.  Make sense?  Farm-raised fish is a great option not only for Mother Nature, but also for people who are concerned about what their food is consuming!

Wild-Caught Fish

As we just mentioned, wild-caught fish are harder to control conditions on.  We can’t control if they’re consuming antibiotics, steroids, or other chemicals because they’re in the WILD!  The best way we can control that side of things is by taking care of our oceans, which we are in full support of and you’ve probably seen us talking about that a time or two.  That said, the WAY you catch fish can be done in a healthy way.  Our boats work with MSC certified standards to make sure we’re not catching more fish than allowed, too young, or catching other species in the process.  We’re also using techniques that avoid destroying the local ecosystem as well.  All of these standards don’t affect the quality or taste of fish, but can give you a peace of mind that you are shopping with a good conscious!

So, what’s better?

If you’re really into fish, you may be able to tell the difference between wild fish and farm-raised fish, but this all really depends on the fish itself.  As time goes on, farming fish has become a more common standard, and the industry is only seeing an uptick in aquaculture facilities.  The reality is that fish is one of the best things you can have in your diet, so whether you fancy farm-raised over wild-caught, incorporating fish into your diet is one of the best things you can do!

At OceanBox, we care about our oceans!  That’s why we source sustainable options for our monthly boxes.  We also care about your health, which is why we will source the healthiest options for your boxes as well.  That’s why we choose the most sustainable, healthy fish options, as well as source healthy liners, insulation, and cardboard to help protect our bodies and our world!

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